Fresh Brews

Buttercup Common Ale


When life gives you dairy cows, you make milk stout. We just weren't that lucky. Buttercup nixed the idea of a milk stout (and milking altogether) pretty quickly. Her namesake ale may not be creamy, but it sure goes down smooth. Some may cringe ordering a "light beer," but not us. 

Hazel Saison Farmhouse Ale


The fiery redhead? That's Hazel our Farmall H series tractor. She's been tilling fields and taking names since 1943. Hazel is a classic rustic farm staple, just like our saison farmhouse ale. She's the reason for the season. 

Feckin Red Irish Rye Ale


A rich rye taste, an amber red color, a subtle note of rye bread and fuggle hops finish. Move over stout, there's a new feckin favorite this St. Patrick's Day.  (Seasonal)

Bah Bah Big Stout


Everyone loves our farm's annual sheep sheering. Everyone except for the flock. They Freak out. Uncomfortable bahing. Pathetic attempts at hiding. It's awkward. But there's one sheep that doesn't - Mah. Maybe it's his calm demeanor. Maybe it's his #yolo lifestyle. Whatever it is. This bravely rich stout is a toast to him. 

Hive's Secrete Hefeweizen


We've never been much for keeping up with the Jonses. In fact, we actually don't like them. They almost ram us over in their tractor. So, in the spirit of staying off the beaten path, we created a Hefewizen that only our farm could - w added our very own honey - 2 lbs in every batch to be exact. 

Mother Cluckin' IPA


Life on our farm can seem perfectly peaceful. That is, until our resident hen, Mrs. Copperpot, decides to hop on your shoulder and go for a ride. She has a way of making her presence known. that's why we names our IPA after her. Its hops and malt will take you off guard. Cheers, Mrs. Copperpot.